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Radio Rentals

We offer top tier DMR Digital and Analog rental radios. Unlike a lot of other two-way radio shops our rental equipment isn't customer trade-ins or repair equipment. We buy our equipment new, make sure we have the best batteries, and verify all equipment works before it leaves our warehouse. We specialize in radio rentals for many different events and rental sizes.​

Fairs - Festivals - Motocross - Car Races - Fashion Shows - Corporate Events - Seasonal Rentals

Radio Rentals: Services

Hytera DMR Digital Two-Way Radios

Compact Quality

Our DMR Rental fleet is made up of primary of Hytera PD562i. These small compact, yet rugged and powerful, radios are a top seller and are an excellent option for your rental needs.

Kenwood NEXEDGE / Analog

Attention to Detail

These rugged reliable analog LTR Trunking and NXDN Digital radios have been a backbone of our rental fleet for years. We rent these units with high capacity Li-Ion batteries so users get long life.


Motorola TRBO

Expert Service

For customers who require Motorola we have a limited quantity of XPR6500 and XPR6550 portable radios.

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Just let us know when you want your radios, where you want them, and how many. Also, if you want specific accessories or charger types. The more information about your event you give us the better service we can provide.

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Radio Rentals: Get a Quote
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